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A new generation always differs from old generations in many ways but never was a new generation so unique from its previous one in such a noteworthy way than millennials, also called Gen Y who were born between 1981 and 1996.

As the world moved on from landlines to smartphones, Gen Y moved on from the financial pieces of advice which were mostly applicable for Gen X who was born between 1966 and 1976.

One of the parameters on which Gen Y is so different from Gen X is their pattern of saving money which has a significant impact on…

A great developer and an excellent product designer will always care about users’ opinion, that ought to be the start line to upgrade. It is one of the key ingredients for success is how the development team and design teams collaborate. It is quintessential for the planning and development teams to figure together.

In this article, I focus on why developers need to care about the design process. I am limiting my discussion to the highest 4 reasons.

Let’s assume you’ve got a very well a screen is meant, but…

Which color, pink or blue, leads more people to click on the sign-in button of a website? Should they need a Gif rather than a picture on the Homepage? How many menu options, five or seven, will engage the customer? Which version works better in leading the customer to the top of the funnel?

You can take a wild guess and plow ahead with the change Or A/B Test!

An A/B test is employed to work out which version of something will perform more effectively within the market.

From startups to large tech firms, companies of all sizes and industries…

Are you trying to seek out the only digital marketing tools for your small business? If you would like to enhance your business’s brand awareness, customer relationships, program rankings, and website traffic, you’ll need the foremost trusted and reliable tools to power your content, email, search, social, and website marketing.

In this post, I’ll share 15 top-rated digital marketing tools for small businesses. …

“55.1 million people are expected to chop the cord by 2022.” — eMarketer

OTT streaming services are attracting 71% of internet users which makes it almost urgent to take a position in integrated video platforms for distributing and monetizing original and curated content. With a ballooning content production, the organization of content both on the users’ end and back-end system should be the priority.

Global Media And Entertainment Trends
“33% of people watch online videos on a Smart TV with video-enabled apps and 23% use a video game console.” — Statista

But Why Are People Moving To OTT?
According to a…

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Laptop Intel Core i7 may be a monetarily arranged, snappy all-metal Laptop donning the organization’s most up-to-date touchscreen and pointer innovation to extraordinary impact.

Pros & Cons

The best Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Laptop Intel Core i7 has made some amazing progress since their abnormal initial steps onto the market a few years back, and Samsung is maybe the best model. The amazing producer’s Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Laptop may be a fabulous case of a transient improvement.

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Laptop Intel Core i7 comes in both 13-inch and 15-inch assortments, and…

Dealing with the unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a big toll on people all across the planet. With many countries around the planet still in lockdown thanks to the Covid pandemic, retailers are finding new alternatives to cope and in some cases fulfill the rise in commerce demand.

Few retailers were fighting before the Covid pandemic began. Perhaps unsurprisingly, its impact has lessened their chances of survival. …

Most people don’t think that web development and SEO are correlated. They believe SEO is about writing keyword-filled blog posts and hoping for the simplest. But that is just an aspect of SEO.

Beyond keyword-optimized blog posts, there are tons that go on within the background. The technical aspects of SEO aren’t obvious to all or any but they’re even as important as every other aspect of SEO.

Successful SEO isn’t supported by one factor alone, but rather a mixture of the many various factors, especially since the industry keeps evolving and becoming more competitive.

Beyond content, SEO also involves…

Social Media Marketing has little question that helped innumerable businesses to rise many folds. Marketers have readily adopted various means and tools to extend brand awareness and find the proper target audiences for their clients. But what if I say, embracing AI-powered tools in Social Media and their correct implementation will enhance every customer journey thereby retaining them longer. Yes, it’s true, mention our favorites Netflix which provides us personalized movie choices, Amazon, etc all are AI-powered and provides personalized user experience. AI tools are now relatively cheaper making it easy for small and medium scale businesses to implement. …

There are so many ways to get Social Media wrong and people fall into many traps. Let’s discuss a few ways to rethink social media that will help you through these challenging economic times.

Forget Trying to Get People to Follow You
No folks have Jedi abilities and may force people against their will to follow us. Followers won’t fund your business and assist you to sell more. This is a lie.
Focusing on followers is the wrong approach. Followers don’t equal sales or maybe a rise in self-worth.

Selling Online Is About Relationships
Asking people to shop for your product…

Shivani Dua

Delhi based writer, writing about nothing and everything.

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